Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gotcha Day Today

Hi Everyone -
  Three years ago today, Duncan & Hamish came to live with us.  How time has flown.  These little pups were so cute and still are!!  They bring my hubby and me smiles every day.  That's Duncan on the left and Hamish on the right - not a very good photo since when they see the camera, they disappear!!
And here's Duncan with his "sage" look.
Hope you all are well - and keep smiling -

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

They're Gone

Hi Everyone,
  Yesterday morning, I called our local humane society and Charlie, the "Critter Catcher" came out and set up traps baited with sardines.  We had one of the kittens within the hour and Momma and another kitten later in the afternoon.  The third kitten was curled up by Momma's cage and sleeping and was easily caught in a net.  All four were then taken to the humane society where they will hopefully find homes and have a much safer and healthy life.  My hubby and I feel a great sense of relief now that we know our boys won't get those precious kitties.
  Hope you all are having a good day and keep smiling -

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here they are!!!  Aren't they precious???

Sorry about that

Sorry - I'm having trouble figuring out how to upload a picture on this new blogger - ugh!!!
Photo to follow (hopefully)

"Our kittens"

Here's a photo of "our" kittens under the forsythia bushes taken this afternoon.  Aren't they adorable??? 

I'mmm Back

Hi Everyone -
My friend, Fran, told me I needed to update my blog since I had a "snow" picture on my last post - YIKES!!   Time just gets away from me while I'm living a hectic life.  Between my hubby, work, band, the garden, quilting, Civil War interests, etc., etc., I just don't know where the time goes.  It's been so hot here that the "snow" picture is a welcome relief. 

Anyway, yesterday a few quilting friends went to Hershey, PA, to Quilt Odyssey - there were some gorgeous quilts on display.  I'm always amazed by the long-arm quilting with the little circles and details.  I have a long arm, so that's why I'm amazed - I wonder how those people do it!!  I need lots more practice, I think!!  My only purchase was a couple of wooden needle cases that can be used for my Civil War re-enactments.  I'm planning on doing a hand-pieced, hand-quilted Civil War quilt project that I can take along and work on while sitting on a porch somewhere :o) 

Today I'm going to make some zucchini relish - I've got three zucchini squash that are about a foot long.  You know how zucchini are - ignore them for a day and they triple in size.  They are good for relish or bread, though, so today's the day.

One other thing that's going on at my house - we have a momma cat and three kittens under our deck.  I'm so worried that the dogs will get them.  I saw two of the kittens a couple of days ago and yesterday saw momma and three kittens.  I'm going to call the local shelter tomorrow morning and see if someone can come out and trap them.  They are still nursing but are starting to get adventuresome.  I watched them playing this morning and one of them came through the fence into the yard until it saw me.  Hopefully, that scared him (or her) enough that it will stay away.  They are so precious, though - two gray and white and one buff and gray.  Momma is a gray tiger and white - she's really pretty but I think she's pretty young.  I was hoping that she'd move the kittens after seeing the dogs, but no such luck :o(  Worry, worry, worry!!

Hope you all are doing well.  Have a good day and keep smiling -

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Perfect Snow

Look at this - the perfect snow...only on the lawn and not on the street, driveway or sidewalk. Now that I like!!!