Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Plant

Looked out today and this is what I saw on my deck in an empty flower pot (dirt only - no plants). That's Duncan doing his "flower" impression. I think he's an original "flower child".

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sundae Quilters

Got together yesterday with the Sundae Quilters - had a great time and got some more "hexies" done. We have such a great group of gals - here's a photo of the gang that was here. Marie is in the foreground. Nancy, Belinda, Carole and Bonnie (holding Dutchess) are in the front row and Fran, me and Beth and in the back row. We always have lots of laughs - and even manage to get some projects done!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping (and eating)

Yesterday friend Fran and I further corrupted our newbie quilter friend, Bonnie, with a trip to Lancaster, PA. We're working on her getting a "stash" and also learning to start another project before finishing the one you're working on!! We had a great day, starting at Sauder's in Denver, PA, and then on to Burkholder's. Lunch was at Appleby's in between the two quilt shops - needed some calories to keep up our energy. Tomorrow my Sundae Quilter buddies are coming over so it will be another great day -

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Boys Are Men

Hi All - My "boys" had their little "snip-snip" surgery yesterday and are doing just fine. The vet said to keep them quiet for 7-10 days - like that will happen!!! They are so feisty and chase each other all over the place - maybe for a day or two they'll settle down, but I can't imagine 7-10 days of that. Here's a photo of them this morning sleeping nose-to-nose - they're not too happy with me at the moment since I think they remember the car ride yesterday and then what happened after that. I kept telling them that they'd be better dogs, but they didn't believe me.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Christmas Blocks

Hi All - Puppy play has prevented me from posting sooner - sorry!! I did get a block done for our annual Quilt Guild Christmas Block drawing. All we have to provide is the solid color - either red or green - to go with the Christmas fabric - pretty easy. For each kit purchased, you get a chance to win a set of blocks and then you can put your Christmas quilt together using these beautiful 8" blocks. I purchased two kits, so maybe I'll be lucky this year. Nancy of Patchwork Penguin donated the Christmas fabric and the white-on-white - pretty generous, I'd say!!