Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yesterday, my brother, sister-in-law and I attended the annual Icefest here in Chambersburg. There were 45 small one-block sculptures and several large sculptures - these large ones were sculpted right on the street. I've never seen that part of the process - maybe one of these years. This photo is of a "Phoenix" sponsored by Wilson College - it was one of the more detailed sculptures and was just beautiful. Also featured this year was a 40' slide for the kids and young-at-heart - lots of fun by the look of it!! There was a chili cook-off and hot pepper eating contest - and also a few food vendors - lots of fun to help pass the winter. The sculptures will remain until they melt or get too dirty from the traffic. Since hubby stayed at home, I'll take him for a ride down Main Street during the week so that he can see some of these beautiful works of art.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm overwhelmed!!! Look what I won from Alma Allen at Blackbird Designs. This jellyroll has the most beautiful Moda fabrics and I can hardly wait to find an appropriate pattern. This collection is called "Antique Fair" and the colors and patterns are wonderful!! This photo doesn't do it justice. There are tans, colonial blues, and rosy burgundy red - fantastic combination. Thanks, Alma - it really is a good idea to sign up for these giveaways!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Hi Everyone,

We got more snow last night, about 5", and it's really pretty. I was out in it since my Book Club was scheduled to meet. The snow was light when I left to go to dinner - that's one of the great things about my book club - we always meet for dinner first. Anyway, while we were eating, one of the gals got a call from the library where we meet and they were closing. Soooo - we just stayed at the restaurant and discussed the book (The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson). The roads were getting a little dicey when we left, but I made it home safe and sound and I'm happy to say that the other drivers were being careful, too. This morning, the driveway is melting as is the road, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting to work this afternoon.

This morning, the pups were out frolicking in the back yard and tunnelling in the snow as always. They look so cute with their white frosty faces. Yesterday, hubby and I went to the local hardware store to stock up on bird feed so our little feathered friends have full feeders today. Can you see them lined up waiting their turn??We also have a heater in the birdbath so that they can get a drink and take a bath. I'm always amazed how the water attracts so much activity.

Hope you all are warm and comfy and keep smiling -

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi everyone -

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season. I know we did - Santa was very generous and it didn't take the "boys" long to learn how to unwrap their presents. We had family here for dinner and had a wonderful time. Our Virginia kids left on Christmas afternoon for home since the big snowstorm was traveling up the east coast. Luckily they got home safe and sound. Laurie and her family, who live in Virginia Beach, hit snow south of D.C. and ended up with 11" of snow. We didn't get a flake here in central PA.

Last night it snowed a couple of inches and the boys have been playing outside in it - they LOVE the snow and chase each other around and around. Here's a rare photo of them taken today - usually as soon as the camera comes out, they are in my face or they head the other way. That's Hamish on the left and Duncan on the right. They've been "snuffling" in the snow all morning looking for little critters - keeps them busy, to say the least!!
Another new thing for me is I've joined a senior band in our town. I'm playing the trombone - I used to play in school, but it's been 50 years since I've "tooted my horn". I'm renting my instrument and have started practicing - a little rusty but it's coming back. It should be fun - hubby is very encouraging and is enjoying his daily "concert" when I practice.
Happy New Year to all of you - and keep smiling -