Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi everyone -

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season. I know we did - Santa was very generous and it didn't take the "boys" long to learn how to unwrap their presents. We had family here for dinner and had a wonderful time. Our Virginia kids left on Christmas afternoon for home since the big snowstorm was traveling up the east coast. Luckily they got home safe and sound. Laurie and her family, who live in Virginia Beach, hit snow south of D.C. and ended up with 11" of snow. We didn't get a flake here in central PA.

Last night it snowed a couple of inches and the boys have been playing outside in it - they LOVE the snow and chase each other around and around. Here's a rare photo of them taken today - usually as soon as the camera comes out, they are in my face or they head the other way. That's Hamish on the left and Duncan on the right. They've been "snuffling" in the snow all morning looking for little critters - keeps them busy, to say the least!!
Another new thing for me is I've joined a senior band in our town. I'm playing the trombone - I used to play in school, but it's been 50 years since I've "tooted my horn". I'm renting my instrument and have started practicing - a little rusty but it's coming back. It should be fun - hubby is very encouraging and is enjoying his daily "concert" when I practice.
Happy New Year to all of you - and keep smiling -


Barb said...

Such cute dogs.....not the snow...snow is not is cold....

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

We only got a dusting of snow and the "kids" were able to wear that out pretty quickly!!

Have a great weekend.

Cheryll said...

Just LoVe the look on the BoYs faces! Very FuNNy!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

So happy to see you came for a visit!! Happy new years to you and the boys!!They look so cute with the snow on their faces!! Snow is the one thing we don't want around here but had some Christmas day. It didn't stick tho!!
I never played an instrument in school. My Dad tried to teach me the piano. He played all his life professionally! It only caused fights between us so he quit!
So nice to visit!!
xx, Fern

Micki said...

Your dogs are just too cute!