Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi All-
Dena at "Tales at Wayne Manor" is having a giveaway celebrating her 300th post. Go on over and have a look -

Garden Bunny

Hi All -

Here's the only bunny that's allowed in my garden - his ears are finally showing as the snow melts. He was a gift from my kids - they put him in the beans this past summer and I didn't see him until they pointed him out - he was really hidden!! Rain is forecast for later today, so it looks like more grass (and bunny) will show itself.

Thought you might be interested in seeing my ongoing Grandmother's Flower Garden project. I do this when I'm waiting for my husband at PT and also at night while watching TV. I've got more blocks ready to add - just have to get the white hexagons around them. I'm really enjoying this project - don't know how large it will be but I'm aiming for bedsize - at least a double - hopefully a queen. I'm not sure how to finish the edges - any suggestions??
My brother and sister-in-law have rented a townhouse about 40 minutes from us while they continue looking for a house or land. They'll probably end up building since the house-hunting has been frustrating for them. They know what they want, so building might be the best option. At any rate, we're excited having them so close to us!!

Hope all is well with all of you. Take care and keep smiling -

Monday, February 15, 2010

Beavers or Puppies???

Hi All -
The newest exploits of the fur kids is that they can now reach the branches of our mini fruit trees (apple, peach, pear and cherry) because the snow is 18" and is now crusty on top and will support their weight. Today they had a good time "trimming" one of the apple trees - not the way I would have done it but to their own satisfaction. When I came home from work, I shoveled a moat around each of the five trees so that they couldn't reach the branches. We'll see if it works!!! Today they are 10 months old - it's a good thing they're cute, because they are trying my patience - ARGH!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

18" Dilemma

Hi All -
Question: What do you do when you have 18" of snow and you are only 14" tall???

Answer: You stay on the path that your Mom shoveled for you!!

This is Hamish (I think) walking along that path - he and Duncan did manage to make some of their own trails after a while - they had a great time chasing each other and looked like little snowmen when they were done. They actually disappeared under the snow at times - then they'd pop up with a surprised look like "what happened???"
The snow stopped around 1:00 this afternoon and the sun came out - just in time to melt the driveway and plowed streets. Yea!!! Because tomorrow is the big sale at the local quilt shop and I want to go!!! I did manage to get some UFO blocks finished this afternoon and am now ready to put together my "Celtic Knotwork" - I'll post a picture as soon as I get it done :o)
Stay warm and happy quilting -

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hi All -

We're all ready for the big snowstorm that's predicted for today and tomorrow - wonder how much we'll get?? I'm happy to be home with a big pot of soup and my quilting projects waiting to be done. The forecasters are saying 10+ inches - time will tell. It's noon now and I see a few light snowflakes starting - time will tell :o) This photo is from my old garden back in Nebraska taken several years ago - we had LOTS of snow there!!!

Keep warm and happy quilting -