Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi All -

Best wishes to all for a very Happy New Year. Hubby and I are staying home tonight and just enjoying being warm inside and watching the ball drop in Times Square.

We had a nice Christmas with family in Virginia - hope you all did too. Daughter, Laurie, gave me this beautiful embroidered (with Duncan and Hamish likenesses) linen table runner and 12 matching linen napkins, also embroidered with a scottie. What a treasure - I love it!!
My New Year's resolution is to get some of my UFO's done before starting anything new - I've got a bunch and need to get the cabinets cleared out of these projects - good luck, right!!!
Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Hi All -

Looks like we'll have a white Christmas after our 10+" of snow yesterday. It sure is pretty and I didn't have to go anywhere, so I could stay inside and enjoy watching it come down. Here's a photo of our deck furniture this morning. Now the sun is shining so things are starting to melt.

The pups really enjoyed playing and chasing each other. They looked like little snow balls when they came in and I ended up putting them in the kitchen sink and spraying them with warm water to get all the snow out of their fur. They weren't too keen on that but I think it made them feel better once the snow was out of their armpits!!

My husband says Duncan looks like an Aborigine with his white face.

Take care and keep smiling -

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sundae Quilters Luncheon

Hi All,
Yesterday, despite some "iffy" weather, some of the Sundae Quilters got together for our Christmas lunch at Red Robin. We had such a good time, great food, and lots of laughs. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but if you'd like to see photos, you can go to Nancy's blog, She has posted some photos and a video of Beth's entertaining tree hat - you've got to see this one - it's great!!!
I've got a few things to get finished before Christmas and have yet to send out a card. I did make up a short Christmas letter to send to friends out of town - now to get them in the mail!! I just seem to come to a standstill at this time of year - maybe it's the overwhelming feeling that there's so much to do and I'd just rather bury my head under the pillow and wait until it's all over - my own personal ostrich syndrome, I guess. But I know that everything will get done and we'll have a great Holiday - it always seems to happen that way. Hope you all have a great Holiday season, too!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Look What I Got!!!

Last night I went to a "drum jam" hosted by friend Bonnie. This is a monthly get together with all sorts of hand drums, whistles, flutes, didgeridoo's, bagpipes and even belly dancers and a throat singer. What a great time!!! Friend Fran and I helped out by serving up delicious punch and pulled pork sandwiches. As a thank you, Bonnie gave each of us a gift - mine was this wonderful purse. Bonnie has one just like it and every time I see it, I tell her it might "disappear" since I am really coveting it. Now I have one of my very own!!! Thank you, again, Bonnie - I LOVE IT!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Signs of Christmas

There are signs of Christmas at our house. First is my Scottie planter decked out with poinsettias...
and then my "Christmas goose" flag ...

and finally, Scottie pups having their first "taste" of snow!!!

Have a great day!!!


Hooray, hooray, hooray - it's snowing!!! This is the first of the season and it's really coming down right now. I'm like a kid with the first snow - and I can hardly wait to see the pup's reaction to the white stuff!! We're only supposed to get 1-4" and the ground is still warm, so we'll have to wait and see how much we actually get. Since I don't have to be any place today, I can remain excited and just enjoy watching from the warmth of my home. Better fill the bird feeders, too, since our little feathered friends have a tough time in this kind of weather.

Keep smiling and have a great day -