Monday, December 7, 2009

Look What I Got!!!

Last night I went to a "drum jam" hosted by friend Bonnie. This is a monthly get together with all sorts of hand drums, whistles, flutes, didgeridoo's, bagpipes and even belly dancers and a throat singer. What a great time!!! Friend Fran and I helped out by serving up delicious punch and pulled pork sandwiches. As a thank you, Bonnie gave each of us a gift - mine was this wonderful purse. Bonnie has one just like it and every time I see it, I tell her it might "disappear" since I am really coveting it. Now I have one of my very own!!! Thank you, again, Bonnie - I LOVE IT!!!


Linda Lee said...

How cute! It is a perfect size! Enjoy!

Micki said...

The purse is just wonderful!
Sounds like a fun get together!