Monday, October 26, 2009

Sundae Quilters

Got together yesterday with the Sundae Quilters - had a great time and got some more "hexies" done. We have such a great group of gals - here's a photo of the gang that was here. Marie is in the foreground. Nancy, Belinda, Carole and Bonnie (holding Dutchess) are in the front row and Fran, me and Beth and in the back row. We always have lots of laughs - and even manage to get some projects done!!!


Sundae Quilter said...

Where's the picture with you in it???? We will have to work on timing pictures..... oh to be techno savvy.

Linda Lee said...

What a great group of friends and quilting partners also! You can tell just be looking at the picture that you have a wonderful time together!