Tuesday, July 31, 2012

They're Gone

Hi Everyone,
  Yesterday morning, I called our local humane society and Charlie, the "Critter Catcher" came out and set up traps baited with sardines.  We had one of the kittens within the hour and Momma and another kitten later in the afternoon.  The third kitten was curled up by Momma's cage and sleeping and was easily caught in a net.  All four were then taken to the humane society where they will hopefully find homes and have a much safer and healthy life.  My hubby and I feel a great sense of relief now that we know our boys won't get those precious kitties.
  Hope you all are having a good day and keep smiling -

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animal lover, quilt lover said...

HI Judi,
Long time since we talked. I was just thinking about you and thinking I have got to get to her some how soon and you must have heard me thinking about you!! I am losing my eye sight!! I never have had very good eye sight all my life. I was born with no real sight in my right eye. I can see color with it and movement but couldn't recognize my own Hubby!!! It has held me back all my life. My good eye was never very good. Now I am losing that sight. I am not going to blogs to read and comment any more hardly at all. Am still blogging some and replying right on my blog but was afraid you might not come back to read it so here I am b/c you are special to me. Yes we have tried the off spray- deep woods off and the pocket one too but there are so many they bit right through cloths and with the off on from head to foot. I also wear clothes from head to foot covering everything from head to foot and they still attack you like the killers they are. People are dying in Tallahassee!!!