Saturday, August 22, 2009

Canning Day

Hi All -

As you can see, my garden runneth over!!! I'm off to WalMart to get a canner for putting up my tomatoes. I used to have all the equipment, but I gave it all to my daughter when I lived in Nebraska. There was so much shade in our yard that a vege garden was out of the question. But now that we live in Pennsylvania and have lots of sun, I have a garden and the tomatoes are abundant. Of course, it goes without saying, that the zucchini is too!!! So, I'll be canning and freezing (shredded zucchini) today. I've got lots of green & yellow beans, too, but I'm not fond of them canned or frozen. Maybe someone out there has a good recipe for them???


Tracy said...

Hi Judie,
I too have lots of garden produce! I plan on posting about the tomato juice I made today, maybe on Monday...
My zucchini didn't do so well and the yellow squash did better but it's over too.
As for the beans, try making dill beans. I don't have a recipe for them but I'm sure you can find one online

Sundae Quilter said...

Obviously we are going to have to make sure you take out a permit for zucchini next year LOL

Hmmmmmmmmmm the beans????? I'll take some off of your hands :o)

pajudie said...

Thanks for the suggestion for my beans, Tracy - I'll look for that recipe and give it a try :o)

Tracy said...

I found this on Tasty Kitchen. Sounds...well...tasty!