Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Visit

My brother, Jamie, and sister-in-law, Sue, with pooch, Pepper, spent the weekend with us. They are planning on moving up to PA and are looking for houses now - we're so excited that they'll be living closer to us. They have their house up for sale right now in VA and are hoping that it sells soon or they at least get a contract on it so they can really get serious about buying a home up here.

This morning, Sue was making sandwiches for the trip home and had the undivided attention of all three pooches - how's that for being the center of attention!!!

This afternoon after work I'm going to try and get down into the sewing room and work on my UFO for January (Celtic Knotwork). It just seems like time flies by and here it is the middle of January already - I can hardly believe it!!!

Happy quilting and keep smiling -


Barb said...

Cute picture!!!

Micki said...

Enjoy your guests and I love the pic!