Monday, January 25, 2010

Sundae Quilters

Hi All -
Yesterday the Sundae Quilters got together at my house and, as usual, we had a great time. We celebrated Bonnie's birthday and I made her a Kahlua Cake (recipe below) in honor of the occasion. Fran stitched her a great birthday card - it was a fun time!! Below are some photos of the get together - Here's the recipe for the Kahlua cake -

1 Chocolate cake mix - made into two 8" or 9" layers
1 C. Kahlua
1 large pkg. instant chocolate pudding made up into pudding
1 large container Cool Whip
1 pkg. butter brickle bits (or Heath Bar candy bar chopped up)

Bake chocolate cake in two 8" or 9" round layers. Cool. Poke holes with fork in each layer and pour 1/2 C Kahlua over each. Chill overnight in refrigerator.

Assemble cake the following way in a large round bowl:
1 cake layer
1/2 of pudding
1/2 of Cool-whip
brickle bits to taste
Repeat again to make second layer.

This makes a large cake. You can be creative with the shape, e.g. if you have a square bowl, make cake in square shape. I have a round glass salad bowl that I use. You can also use as much Cool-whip as you like. Store in refrigerator - enjoy in moderation!!

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Linda Lee said...

You are truly blessed to have such a great group of friends to share your time with!