Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garden Bounty

Hi All -

I got myself out early this morning to pick some pea pods and raspberries in the garden. With this heat, I've been putting it off and the pods got a little large, but they're good anyway. The raspberries are coming in now and are soooo sweet. Duncan & Hamish were "helping" me by standing under the bushes and eating anything that dropped off - they LOVE raspberries!!! The zucchini is coming and there are 3 squash on the plant so far. My winter squash is in bloom and the tomatoes and peppers have fruit on them. The brussels sprouts are forming and should be ready to harvest soon - don't know how they'll do in this heat since they are a cold weather crop - oh, well, not much I can do about that :o)

This weekend is the neighborhood yard sale - I got some fat quarters at one sale for .20 each - lovely flowered prints that will make up nice for my Grandmother's Flower Garden.

Take care and keep cool -


Sundae Quilter said...

Now I definitely have the urge to make some raspberry jam. I'll have to see if anyone has raspberries in town.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

YUM!! - we had blueberry pancakes again this morning.

Would love to be there for the yard sale - sounds like you got some bargains.