Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Reply

Are you a "no reply" blogger??? I've run into this lately when trying to respond to visitors to my blog. If you are set for "no reply", I can't talk to you and thank you for stopping by. Maybe you are set to this on purpose - if so, I'm glad you've stopped by my blog and I hope you come back soon for a visit.

Have a great day and keep smiling :o) -

1 comment:

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I have the most trouble trying to comment on my friends blogs....
My problem is trying to get the comment frame up!! I am on dial up and everything I do is done so slowly!!!!!!! Then when the comment frame will NOT come up and I have spent 25 minutes at it!! It is so irritating!!!! I am so glad I could talk to you today!! Really!!!
Hope you are having good sewing times!!!
xx, Fern