Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome to the World

Hi Everyone -
Exciting news here - our great grandson, Benjamin Joseph, was born yesterday afternoon at 4:34. He was 8 lbs, 3 oz. and my daughter says he has lots of beautiful black hair. Our granddaughter ended up having a C-section after hours of labor since little Benjamin decided to turn sideways. Thankfully, both mother and baby are doing great and his papa is very proud!! We're looking forward to seeing all of them in a couple of weeks when we go to my 50th (ugh) high school reunion. What a great weekend that's going to be - I'll be sure to post some photos when we get back.
In the meantime, all is well here. We had our first quilt guild meeting of the season last Saturday. It was good seeing quilting friends and hearing about what's coming up for the season. That night some friends and I went to dance lessons to learn Civil War dancing. We danced for over 2 hours straight - I thought my knees would fall off!! But when I went to bed, I popped a couple of ibuprofen and slept like a baby. The next day, my knees were great - not sore at all. Do you suppose that exercise is good for them!!!??? We're planning on going to a barn dance on October 1 and a ball in November and thought we should know a little bit of what we're supposed to do. It was lots of fun learning the dances and I'm looking forward to putting my new-found skills (?) to use :o) Now I'm getting my dresses ready and will go to Gettysburg on Friday to get my underpinnings - corset, hoop skirt, chemise. I purchased a skirt pattern and probably will get a top pattern if I can't find one that fits me.
Hope all of you are well and enjoying life - keep smiling and I'll post some photos of that new gg-babe soon :o)


Barb said...

Lucky you...congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

We missed your gotcha day! So sorry about that!!!! HOPE YOU GUYS HAD A GOOD ONE!

Aroooo, Stuart