Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Nestful of Babies

Hi Everyone -

Just wanted to report on our baby robins - as you can see, they are growing fast. The parents spend all day feeding them, cleaning the nest, and squawking at my boys!! The last egg never did hatch but I can't see if it's still in the nest. At any rate, four babies are enough to keep the parents busier than ever. They look like a jumble here but, trust me, there are four in there.

The garden is coming along and we've got zucchini on - they are about 3" so far and I'll be harvesting pretty soon. The strawberries are still going gangbusters and we're enjoying them every day. We've got grapes on our vines and I'm really looking forward to them - they are sweet red table grapes and I hope we can get them before the birds do. I didn't get the cherry tree netted in time and the birds had a feast on the cherries while they were still green. I'll know better next year and get the tree netted as soon as I see a cherry on it!!

The quilting is waiting for me downstairs - it's been hard to get to with all the chores to do outside. I have to get two quilts on my longarm for our guild show next month. My goal this coming week is to get one loaded and at least started - wish me luck!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day - and keep smiling -


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Judi,
Thank you so much for your kind word to me about my sweet sweet Bambi 's passing!
I am so lost without her with me. We were together 24/7 !!! Never apart. I NEED your friendship now more than ever before while I try to get over this lost.
xx, Fern

Oreo said...

Those babies are so cute!! How fun to watch them grow. Have fun quilting