Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Retreat

Hi Everyone -
As I mentioned before, our Sundae Quilters group had a weekend retreat this past weekend. What a fun time we had!! My cheeks are still sore from laughing so much. We had a wonderful time - great company, lots accomplished, LOTS of food (all delicious!!), music playing, quilters dancing - fun, fun, fun!! We had so much fun that we're planning another getaway next year. Here are some photos to share - my camera wasn't working very well, so hope you can see these ok.

Here's Jeane at Nancy's big board pressing her project.

Marie was working on this beautiful blue and white quilt - really striking!!

One of the local quilt shops was having a sale, so a few of us went into town to see what there was. Carla needed some "just perfect" fabric for the border of her quilt, so we got her some "not so perfect fabric" for it - here's Shelley giving Carla the fabric. We also got her some "perfect" fabric to really use - lots of laughs with this group :o)
For more photos, you can visit Nancy at Patchwork Penguin or the Sundae Quilter's blog at www.sundaequilters.blogspot.com.
Hope you all have a great week and keep smiling -

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animal lover, quilt lover said...

Oh I love the blue and white quilt she is working on. It is my favorite!!
So Happy you had a wonderful time. It is so good for the body to laugh and have a good time!!
xx, Fern