Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Retreat

Hi Everyone -
As I mentioned before, our Sundae Quilters group had a weekend retreat this past weekend. What a fun time we had!! My cheeks are still sore from laughing so much. We had a wonderful time - great company, lots accomplished, LOTS of food (all delicious!!), music playing, quilters dancing - fun, fun, fun!! We had so much fun that we're planning another getaway next year. Here are some photos to share - my camera wasn't working very well, so hope you can see these ok.

Here's Jeane at Nancy's big board pressing her project.

Marie was working on this beautiful blue and white quilt - really striking!!

One of the local quilt shops was having a sale, so a few of us went into town to see what there was. Carla needed some "just perfect" fabric for the border of her quilt, so we got her some "not so perfect fabric" for it - here's Shelley giving Carla the fabric. We also got her some "perfect" fabric to really use - lots of laughs with this group :o)
For more photos, you can visit Nancy at Patchwork Penguin or the Sundae Quilter's blog at www.sundaequilters.blogspot.com.
Hope you all have a great week and keep smiling -

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Growing Up

Hi Everyone -
Just a final word about our robins - three of the four have survived to young adulthood and are pretty accomplished fliers now. They can get away from my boys with ease - phew!! The fourth one didn't do so well - I found it in the back yard and it had obviously been caught by either Duncan or Hamish - both love to chase the birds. The trio are still begging for food and keeping their parents busy!! And they've found my raspberries - guess I'd better get out into the garden and give them some competition!!
On the quilting front, I'm getting ready to go away for a weekend retreat with my Sundae Quilters group. We've rented a house and are planning a fun getaway - more on that later with pictures :o)
Hope all of you have a great week and keep smiling -

Friday, June 10, 2011

The First to Leave

Hi everyone -

Well, it's bound to happen - the first robin baby has left the nest. I looked out yesterday and there it was on the deck. A few minutes later, it flew down into the adjacent garden. Mama was going frantic since I was there with my camera - three babies are still in the nest but it won't be long before they leave, too. This is such a dangerous time for them once they leave the safety of their home and are out on their own - much like our own kids!! About an hourafter this little one was in the garden, we got a strong thunderstorm with hail - I was really worried about this baby - but today I can hear it begging for food, so it survived the storm and its first night -phew!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling -

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Nestful of Babies

Hi Everyone -

Just wanted to report on our baby robins - as you can see, they are growing fast. The parents spend all day feeding them, cleaning the nest, and squawking at my boys!! The last egg never did hatch but I can't see if it's still in the nest. At any rate, four babies are enough to keep the parents busier than ever. They look like a jumble here but, trust me, there are four in there.

The garden is coming along and we've got zucchini on - they are about 3" so far and I'll be harvesting pretty soon. The strawberries are still going gangbusters and we're enjoying them every day. We've got grapes on our vines and I'm really looking forward to them - they are sweet red table grapes and I hope we can get them before the birds do. I didn't get the cherry tree netted in time and the birds had a feast on the cherries while they were still green. I'll know better next year and get the tree netted as soon as I see a cherry on it!!

The quilting is waiting for me downstairs - it's been hard to get to with all the chores to do outside. I have to get two quilts on my longarm for our guild show next month. My goal this coming week is to get one loaded and at least started - wish me luck!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day - and keep smiling -

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The blogger woes are fixed thanks to Barb. She told me to check or uncheck the "keep signed in" box when you sign into blogger - mine was checked (as was hers), and I unchecked it and now I'm able to comment on the blogs -YEAH!!! THANKS, BARB!!!


Blogger Woes

Hi Everybody -
Seems like I'm having the same problem that a lot of you are - I can't comment on your posts. I'm in this virtual loop where I have to sign in and am still "anonymous" - frustrating!!! Hopefully, I'll be able to post my comments soon but in the meantime, rest assured that I'm reading your posts and enjoying your blogs.