Sunday, September 13, 2009

Haggis is Homeward Bound

Our little third puppy, Haggis, has gone home to Pittsburgh this morning. His new "parents" came to pick him up and I was a little sad to see him go- - kind of brought tears to my eyes. He is such a cutie and reminded me so much of my Angus when he was a pup. Haggis has a big brother at his new home, Duff, and both met this morning with not too much upset. Duff was a little put off by a "baby" but soon got over that and was ready to play. My husband and I wish all the best to Haggis and his new family - I'm sure he'll enjoy his new home.

I was able to get down to the sewing room this afternoon with the company of Duncan and Hamish. They found a big pillow to snuggle down on and promptly took a nap. I completed one of my chunks for the Celtic Knotwork and started another - I should be able to finish it up (the chunk, that is) tomorrow and will post a photo.

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