Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi All -
Yesterday friends Fran, Bonnie and I went to the great sale at the Sew'n Place here in Chambersburg. My hubby had given me a gift certificate so I didn't even spend any money!! How's that for doing good!! Anyway, here's what I purchased. I'm going to make another wall hanging for my bathroom. I saw some towels in the blue color that I really liked, and my bathroom has lots of brown, so I thought this would be pretty. The hanging I have now has lots of gold, black and bright stripes, so it just won't go. Good excuse to get more fabric, I'd say. The blue is kind of a dusky blue and my camera doesn't do it justice.

And here's what happens when you have a curious puppy trying to see what's going on.

No harm done, but I did have to "rescue" one piece of fabric from his quick little jaws!!!


Sundae Quilter said...

I almost called you to see about going to the sale yesterday.... and then figured I'd be there today anyway teaching my class.

Needless to say, I went for one thing, didn't find it, and brought home other fabric.

See you tomorrow!!!

Micki said...

Your bathroom is really going to be lovely. I hope you show pics of it. Ours is pink everywhere.LOL

Tracy said...

I went there too, today. I also had a gift certificate from my son and DIL...spend it all too!